Two arrested after Excelsior school shooting

San Francisco police say they have made two arrests in connection with a shooting that injured four students at an Excelsior District school earlier this week.

The shooting in the parking lot of June Jordan School for Equity took place around 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, just as school was letting out for the day.

Police have said they are seeking as many as four suspects in connection with the shooting, in which a shooter appears to have targeted one particular 15-year-old female student before fleeing the scene on foot with several others.

Three other male 15-year-old students hit by gunfire were bystanders, according to police.

One student suffered life-threatening injuries in the attack, but district officials on Wednesday said all four are recovering from their injuries.

District officials have said the shooting appeared to have been committed by a “small group of outsiders.” Police did not release further details today about the arrests.