VTA launches smartphone fare-pay app


The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority has unveiled a new, free mobile payment app called EZfare.

The app, available for both Android and iPhone, allows transit riders to purchase single rides, day passes and express passes.

Single ride fares that are purchased on the app are valid for two hours and include free transfers on buses and VTA’s light-rail system.

If any part of a rider’s two-hour trip includes an express bus, express bus fare will be required.

On their website, VTA officials use Levi’s Stadium event fare as an example of a ticket that can be purchased. They emphasize the importance of checking the app prior to travel since ticket options do vary by event.

Any purchases will be saved in the app history so that riders can access stored, active and expired tickets at any time.

Rider history can also be accessed on other smart devices using the account created with the app and a function called “Retrieve My Tickets.” Riders can view current pricing for cash or prepaid fares at

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