Auto burglaries down nearly one-third

The San Francisco Police Department said on Monday that auto burglaries, one of the most prevalent property crimes in the city, dropped nearly one-third between January and February.

The progress was not evenly distributed across the city, with at least one police district reporting a 44 percent drop and others reporting just 11 percent. This follows a bad year in 2017, which saw a 24 percent rise in thefts from vehicles over 2016.

Police said they doubled their uniformed foot patrols as a deterrent, and directed district station staff to work with the community on prevention strategies.

Police chief William Scott said in a statement:

“While these numbers are encouraging, these crimes continue to impact too many residents and visitors to our city … We will continue to use data to evaluate and adjust our strategies in order to effectively prevent and investigate auto burglaries.”

A total of 790 people were cited or arrested for stealing from vehicles in 2017.