Men severely burned in Sonoma Co. explosion

Two men were badly burned in an explosion Wednesday at what the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office suspects was a honey oil lab in the Hessel area of the county.

Honey oil, also called hash oil, is a product extracted from cannabis.

The men suffered third-degree burns and drove to Sonoma West Medical Center in Sebastopol. They said they were burned in a barbecue incident, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Misti D. Harris said.

They were treated for severe injuries and transported to a hospital outside Sonoma County, Harris said.

The men did not call a fire department or ambulance and could not provide information about the barbecue accident, Harris said.

Deputies went to a home in the 5200 block of Wendell Lane west of Cotati in unincorporated Sonoma County but did not find a damaged barbecue on the property. A butane honey lab was found in a damaged outbuilding with a melted garbage can of marijuana outside. Deputies said someone had hosed down the building, Harris said.

A man at the home gave deputies a false name, but he was identified as Rodeo Vanbladel, 41, a transient with two outstanding warrants, Harris said.

Vanbladel was booked under no bail in the Sonoma County Jail for giving false information to police and on a felony and a misdemeanor warrant, Harris said.