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  1. It was NOT “cost concerns” by planners that reduced BART to the mere 3-county system that opened in ’72. A full 9-county system, scaled down from that ’56 plan but still going all around the Bay, was the plan…& was voted down by the county supervisors of Santa Clara, San Mateo & Marin (despite a popular vote of 88% in favor) at various times. I don’t remember how Nolo & Solano opted out. People loved cars & freeways then, & were almost as short-sighted as they are now. We could’ve had that full system for the cost of an extra 1/2% sales tax in those counties between then & now.

  2. A real bummer that Santa Clara county supervisors helped thwart the original BART plan by saying “we are going to build expressways instead”. The plan was there, just the vision from the people in charge wasn’t.