Baby wallaby almost ready for a hop-about


A new baby animal at the San Francisco Zoo is making an appearance just in time for spring: A red-necked wallaby has just recently poked its head out of its mother’s pouch to take a look at the world.

The joey crawled into mama’s pouch just after being born last September and has yet to fully emerge from the warm hiding spot. Zoo officials are still unsure if it is a boy or a girl but will be able to determine its sex soon after it takes its first hops, which are quickly approaching.

Wallabies are often confused with kangaroos, but they are actually a smaller marsupial also native to Australia that only grow to be around three feet tall. Some species of kangaroo can grow to be 6 feet tall.

You can visit the joey and its mother at the Zoo’s Australian Walkabout exhibit. The young wallaby will be nursing for at least another nine months.

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