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Lacob feels wrath of fans

While Joe Lacob and the rest of the Warriors ownership have been publicly gushing over the Monta Ellis-for-Andrew Bogut trade, fans have been fuming.

They loved Ellis, one of the most popular Warriors players from an otherwise pathetic last two decades.

On Monday night, those fans seized on a chance to voice their displeasure, booing the new owner during a halftime speech.

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It was an especially awkward moment because it unfolded during a ceremony to honor Warriors great Chris Mullin.

But Lacob brought the reaction upon himself. He traded a fan-favorite for a guy that won’t play this season. He wanted to speak last at an event honoring another all-time fan favorite Warrior.

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Last night, scribes from around the Bay Area tried to figure out why the fans would boo Lacob at that moment.

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Some thought it had to be more than the Ellis trade, speculating that it was decades of pent-up frustration towards every ownership group.

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But it wasn’t. It was all about Ellis. So far, in their short run as owners, Lacob and Co. haven’t done anything else to draw such a reaction from fans. They traded away a fan-favorite and they were publicly happy about it.

The scene last night was Warriors fans way of saying, “That trade sucked. Don’t do it again.”

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