Princess Project makes prom possible


Every year thousands of Bay Area girls prepare for the right of passage known as p-r-o-m. Four little letters that can bring such epic joy and angst to the hearts of 16- and 17-year-olds everywhere.

For many girls, prom stress is much more profound than having a date or finding matching shoes. For low income teens prom can represent an insurmountable expense that dooms them to a night at the movies or an evening spent at home.

However, Bay Area girls in need of a little extra fairy dust are more fortunate than most. Princess Projects in San Jose and San Francisco are once again working their magic to pair girls with ‘the dress’ for the 2012 prom season.

Princess Project started in the Bay Area in 2002 with one girl asking for help finding a dress. Now, a decade later, Princess Project helps thousands of girls attend prom by providing dresses, jewelry and other donated accessories.

Many of the girls paired with the fuchsia, cobalt or green gown of their dreams have never owned a dress before visiting the Princess Project.

Co-Chairwoman Kristi Saso told the Merc:

“You watch their faces filled with joy as they try on different dresses and look in the mirror. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes we cry, too. For all of us, it’s just such a joyful moment.”

Dress giveaways are scheduled in San Francisco for this Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 5 at 72 Townsend Street. Bring a high school ID or a photo ID with a high school transcript to qualify.

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