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Smith and Niners kiss and make up

Don’t get me wrong. Alex Smith is a good kid.

But high school girls should have been lining up this past week to take pouty-teen lessons from the Niners QB.

Think about it.

He played hard-to-get for too long. He then got jealous when his beloved coach took notice of another player. Then he ran away to another suitor, threatening to leave forever. And then with no more leverage and no more cards to play, he sunk in his shoulders and came back asking to kiss and make up.

And now, after all his shenanigans, Smith and the Red & Gold have come to a contract agreement that will keep him playing in the City by the Bay.

The 49ers and Smith have agreed to a three-year, $24 million deal, not unlike the deal offered to Smith before the start of free agency last week.

It was when Smith didn’t immediately accept the contract offer two weeks ago—because he wanted more money or just thought the team wouldn’t go after another quarterback, who knows—that the Niners entered the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

And you can’t quite blame Smith for feeling “cheated on” when his beloved coach Señor Harbaugh jetted off to North Carolina to play catch with Manning, the reigning prom queen of the 2012 free agent market.

Wearing his bruised heart on his sleeve, Smith took a red-eye flight to Miami and spent five hours with the Dolphins, giving the illusion that he was good as gone from San Francisco.

But the Dolphins instead signed David Garrard, and Peyton skipped off to the Mile High City.

Smith, with no other prospective teams to visit, came back to The Bay and had a meeting Monday night with Harbaugh to mend the tear in their otherwise strong relationship.

So will this snafu in the Smith-Harbaugh bond come out on the field this upcoming season? Let’s hope not.

But for now, Smith isn’t running off anywhere else.

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