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City streets are a dangerous place

If you’re reading this while zipping down the freeway or strolling down the sidewalk, feel free to back away from the smartphone for a little while in the name of safety. Because the streets are dangerous enough.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way.

San Francisco bicyclists and pedestrians, look out: More of you are getting injured in collisions with vehicles than ever before.

Using data from the California Highway Patrol and the Department of Justice, California tracks and releases annual accident data for cities and counties. Statewide, traffic fatalities are at record lows.

San Francisco streets, however, continue to be the most dangerous of any big city in the state for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.

Injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians surged 13 percent from 2009, a period that saw overall traffic injuries in The City increase by just five percent.

832 pedestrians and 592 bicyclists were injured (or killed) in traffic collisions in San Francisco in 2010. That’s up from 736 and 522 the year before.

Going back to 2006, injuries to bicyclists from traffic accidents in San Francisco are up an alarming 76 percent.

Alcohol-involved accidents and DUIs in San Francisco remain close to their 2006 levels.

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