Occupy taking its tents to the GGB


Here’s a brief list of current fads and happenings that I would love to see wiped clear from the face of the planet:

1) Chicks who wear their nails super long and pointy. It’s ugly, and they make you look like an alien.

2) Any product with the name “Kardashian” on it. I see the K-A-R and instantly run in the opposite direction.

3) …and most importantly, annoying attempts to keep the Occupy movement going. This isn’t 1967 and y’all aren’t posted up for a love-in. Give. Me. A break.

So needless to say that when I saw SFWeekly’s blog entry this morning about the Occupy movement aiming to take over the Golden Gate Bridge, my eyes rolled so hard they almost got lost in the back of my skull.

But sadly it’s true: On May 1, Occupy plans to set up shop on the bridge “show the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District that fair wages and benefits can not be ignored.”

Wait, I must be confused about something. You want fair wages, so you’re going to post your ugly tents up on Northern California’s greatest landmark?


According to the Occupy the Bridge Facebook page — yes, it has its own Facebook page — buses will pick up the tent-dwellers at Justin Herman Plaza and 19th and Telegraph at 6 a.m. on May Day:

“Buses will return in time for the noon Occupy Oakland convergence, as well as for planned labor rallies at Union Square in San Francisco.”

 The only upside is that, since all Occupy info is on the web, North Bay commuters should have enough time to maybe rethink their commute routes for that day.

Or give authorities enough time to put a damper on the tent people’s plan to post up on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Whichever comes first.

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