Jerry Rice challenges youngster Jenkins


Jerry Rice hasn’t played in the NFL since 2004, but one of the best athletes of all-time hasn’t slowed down. The 49-year-old still has the competitive fire.

That’s where 49ers first-round pick A.J. Jenkins comes in.

The day after Jenkins became a 49er, Rice contacted the rookie on Twitter to congratulate him and issue a challenge.

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Rice wasn’t joking around.

On Monday, Rice reiterated his challenge to take Jenkins up “the hill,” a 2.5 mile trail in Edgewood Park in San Carlos.

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Oh boy, The Greatest Of All-Time is going to get into shape so he can kick Jenkins’ butt up the hill.

To his credit, it sounds like Jenkins is up for the challenge, and the workout.

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Rice made an appearance on SportsCenter this morning and was asked about what he hopes Jenkins will learn from running “the hill.”

“I think he’s going to learn toughness and how to be able to endure, which is very important because in the fourth quarter, when you’re tired, you’re still going to have to make plays to help you’re team win that football game. And you have to be able to stay focused. So if you can master the hill, in the fourth quarter you still going to be able to go out there and excel.”

Jenkins couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Jerry Rice, the best receiver to ever wear shoulder pads and a helmet, wants to help him reach his potential and become a great NFL receiver.

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