Sorry, CHP, California was too busy texting


Californians proved once again that their phones are more important than safe driving in April by accruing almost 6,000 moving violations for distracted driving.

The CHP launched the “It’s Not Worth It” campaign to discourage drivers from using their phones while driving, yet they cited 5,900 motorists last month alone.

It seems Californians are also proving that prohibition doesn’t work.

April was also National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The irony just keeps getting more painful.

Even though most of California wasn’t paying attention, the Bay Area has been a big supporter for the move to curb cell phone usage while driving, said CHP Chief¬†Teresa Becher in a statement:

“We were overwhelmed with the support here in the Bay Area.¬†Our allied law enforcement agencies as well as many other public and private entities in the community stepped forward to make a difference.”

Around 30,000 citations were issued last month for distractions not related to cell phones, officials said.

Becher said there were many severe violations last month, including one driver so distracted by texting they did not realize officers were behind them trying to reach the scene of a major-injury accident.

We get it, guys. That incredibly deep discussion you’re having with your friend about last week’s “Game of Thrones” is important, but not more important than someone’s life.

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