J.C. Penney joins Market Street revival

In the near future, if you find yourself in The City with a last-minute need for a barbecue grill or something to wear to a church picnic, just head downtown.

The SF Business Times reports that the popular (with your grandma) retailer J.C. Penney will set up shop in the “Mid-Market neighborhood,” known to everyone else as the dead space between Fifth and Sixth Street.

The department store will serve as the main attraction in the CityPlace project, a new five-level building with approximately 250,000 square feet of retail space — a much-needed renovation for the long-vacant eyesore at 935 – 965 Market Street.

As a 20-something city girl, the arrival of J.C. Penney isn’t thrilling news. However, with fresh executives in charge from the Apple Store and Target,  the nearly century-old chain may be a little cooler, a little hipper by the time they settle in.

But really, if they can keep the wackadoos at One Million Moms up in arms, I think Penney’s will do just fine with San Franciscans.