SF Bay island priced to move


Looking for a place to live in San Francisco? Bay Area housing prices making you miss the Midwest? Maybe it’s time to think outside of the box, or in this case, off of dry land.

For the mere price of an entry-level Pac Heights mansion, you can be the new owner of Red Rock Island. This 6-acre island alongside the San Rafael-Richmond Bay Bridge is going for a cool $5 million. That’s a steep markdown from the dreamland listing price of $22 million earlier this year.

Your own island comes with premium amenities like a secluded beach and stunning views of the San Francisco skyline. And that’s about it.

Realtor Steven Higbee even said that mineral rights for the property, which include manganese in its rocky outcroppings, are negotiable.

The island is only accessible by boat or helicopter, so the only hard part will be to pick out the color of leather seats you want. You can even shuttle your friends and VIPs out to the island on cloudy SF days.

Higbee told the AP:

“You could go out there and have wild parties or retreat away from the wild parties. Red Rock Island is out of fog bank. If San Francisco is in the fog, you may be sitting in the sunshine.”

However, until you build your fantasy mansion, your parties will be strictly outdoors, because Red Rock Island has no structures.

The only structure this secluded island saw was a cabin Selim Woodworth built on the island where he lived from 1851 to 1856.

But the possibilities of this island are endless, from a resort, to a casino, to investigating reports of buried pirate treasure. Some magnanimous buyer may even consider — shock — donating it for use as parkland.

Mack Durning, the island’s current owner, told the SF Chronicle earlier this year:

“If somebody came up with some money, I would sell it; otherwise, I’ll leave it to my sons to get even with them.”

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