UC might raise tuition… a lot… again

This is sounding familiar.

The UC system may raise tuition up to 20 percent if Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative doesn’t pull through in November.

UC Regents will discuss the increase during the next week. The increase could take place in January.

If voters approve the tax increase — which would bump both sales and income taxes — it is possible that tuition would remain the same as it was in 2011-2012.

The tumult over tuition comes from the current proposal for the state budget. It provides incentive for UCs and CSUs to freeze tuition levels to that of this year, but only if the tax package passes. The state would pay each university $125 million more in 2013 if tuition did not increase.

The board of trustees of the CSU campuses are also discussing how it will respond to the budget. The CSU system already raised tuition 9 percent, but would refund the extra money after the election if the measure passes.

If the measure fails, the CSU may raise tuition 7.5 percent starting in January.

Tuition costs for UC students have already tripled in the last 10 years.