Good Eggs brings the farmers market home


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been trying to figure out what the Good Eggs link on my Facebook sidebar is for months now.

Thanks to MissionLocal I finally have an answer — and a new reason to hit up those fabulous farmer’s markets that pepper The City.

The Good Eggs site — which officially launched today — acts as a hub for buying direct from “local farmers and food makers.” The goal is to organize local foodsters with shoppers, and then direct those happy buyers to one of Good Eggs’ pick-up locations in The City.

As the site cheekily boasts:

“Because you can’t eat your computer. Even an Apple.”

Nearly half of the participating vendors are based in the Mission, with others bringing their goods in from different corners of the Bay Area. Pickup spots are also mostly city-based, with two spots in Berkeley and Oakland. Good Eggs is looking to build momentum and branch out to more locations.

CEO Rob Spiro told MissionLocal:

“We’re trying to serve as a virtual hub for the local food phenomenon. … We’ve specifically and intentionally aligned our incentives with the food producers, so we only succeed if they succeed.”

In addition to connecting consumers to local foods, Good Eggs aims to increase the public’s knowledge about the foods that they’re purchasing.

Jonathan Lewis, CEO of meat collective Pastoral Plate, said:

“There’s more to this than just selling meat. … There’s a great awareness in San Francisco about food, but there’s still an education gap. “

Topping off this online farmer’s market, there is no membership fee to use Good Eggs, and the site takes only a reasonable 3.5 percent cut out of vendor sales.

Learn more about this online food phenomenon at

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