This Week In Orange: The New Hotness


As you all might have noticed by now, Giants Nation, I’m a bit of a rock’n’roll nut.

Yes, I will cut a rug and show off when a good hip hop beat comes on. But at the end of the day, The Tutu likes her some — how did Bob Seger put it — some “Old Time Rock And Roll.”

So when I was trying to find some good victory music to blare in honor of the Giants winning 6-of-7 in a killer SoCal road trip and being a whopping three games up in the NL West, I instinctively looked for something old school.

Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town;” Tom Petty’s “Into The Great Wide Open;” Bad Company’s “Shooting Star.” Heck I was ready to put on my Dad’s fave standby, “Back In The High Life Again” by Steve Winwood.

But none of those songs would do, Giants fans. Because the way our boys performed on the diamond this past week wasn’t old school at all. They had a different swagger. A different drive. A push to be a different — albeit better — ball club.

Heck, sweeping the Dodgers is well worth its own epic ballad, don’t you agree?

Some of you want to say it’s 2010 de ja vu, but I see a different team at work. A new team; a team willing to do just about anything to make those East Coast-centric critics eat their words.

Let’s dub this version of the team The New Hotness. And while we don’t have a theme song for them yet, feel free to pull up that bar stool, order a pint, and brainstorm while we look at their hot streak:

“I’m No Angel:” My Tutu Twin, Melanie, will agree because this is her favorite ballplayer.

But what is there not to like about Angel Pagan right now? He found his offensive stride when Bochy put him that lead-off spot in the lineup, and the guy hasn’t looked back. On the last road trip he went 13-for-27 with eight runs and four RBIs.

Perhaps Pagan felt a need to take charge now that “a certain someone” decided to break the rules and cast a cloud over the clubhouse? Who knows. Whatever the reason, Pagan’s work is paying off, big time.

And his level of play in center field is high as ever, including a game-making throw to home plate against the Dodgers to help seal a win for Tim Lincecum.

New level of leadership. Definitely new hotness.

And while we’re mentioning Timmy…

“Freak On A Leash:” I know I know, I talk about Timmy every week whether he does well or not. (Writers can have favorites too, ya know.)

But my man the Freaky Franchise really did look to dominate against the Dodgers Tuesday night, going 5.2 innings with four strikeouts and only one walk.

Many of you have been saying: “Yeah! It’s the old Timmy!”

I’m going to have to disagree, because unless he magically gets that scary velocity back, we’re never going to see that pitcher again. What we saw against the Dodgers was better control, a bit more patience, and a very grateful point out to Pagan in centerfield.

It’s a newer Timmy. A new-hotness-style Timmy… New hotness Freak?

I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself now.

“I Wanna Be A Baller:” C’mon, you know the first time you saw Joaquin Arias you scratched your head and thought: “Dang, is that Kobe?!”

On a more serious note, Arias has hit an offensive high mark. While he’s always done great work on defense — including his contribution to the last out in Matt Cain’s perfect game — he was lacking at the plate.

Well, at least until this past road trip.

He’s 10-for-21 in his last 10 games with two HRs and eight RBIs.

New Kobe. New hotness. BA-ZINGA.

“Rollin’ With The Homies:” At least, I’m certainly hoping that Pablo Sandoval and Hector Sanchez are homies. Especially after the hard time the Panda probably gave the young catcher for mistakenly running off the field when their were only two outs.

Sandoval is 8-for-his-last-32, but has contributed eight RBIs. And Sanchez is working extra hard at the plate while the-still-red-hot Buster Posey nurses a tight hamstring.

And Posey, for the record, went 10-for-32 in his last 10 games with a homer and eight RBIs.

Double the catchers. Double the camaraderie. Double the new hotness.

“Werewolves of London:” Has anybody else noticed that both of the Brandons have gotten pretty scruffy since they’ve started hitting more? I mean, Belt has been doing so well that the Dodgers intentionally walked him Tuesday night!

But BiBBLES is growing some serious chin scruff, and Crawford is definitely been looking extra Grizzly Adams these last few games.

New bearded hotness?

Yeah right, like Brian Wilson would ever let anyone take his crown as The Most Bearded In The Land.

But hey, if the facial hair keeps the Brandons’ hitting, I’m not complaining.

Think of anything contributing to the New Hotness that you want to discuss? Hit me up on Facebook at “You Know You Bleed Orange & Black When. . .” In the meantime, I’m going to head out to that East Bay sunshine and contemplate what that new theme song should be!

Peace, Love & Dog Days Of Summer

P.S. Did I mention we’re 3 games ahead of the Dodgers?! Making sure I hadn’t left that out.

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