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Brian Wilson takes fashion Back to the Future

Admit it: You’re more than stoked to see Brian Wilson back in the Giants dugout.

And while we still don’t get to hear House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” blare over the AT&T Park speakers as he takes the mound to close out a ball game, we haven’t been robbed of the opportunity to see him sport his “original” fashion sense around town.

The Beard That Is Weird was captured by photographer/fan Stephen Goldblatt last week cruising down the 2nd and King area in another one of his eccentric get-ups. And believe it or not, his extra-unruly beard was one of the least surprising pieces in his ensemble.

Clad in a flat-brimmed trucker hat, raglan tee and cargo shorts, Wilson cruised past the ballpark on a motorized scooter sporting a pair of Nike MAGs a la “Back To The Future — Part II.”

Had he been wearing a orange tech vest, we might’ve assumed he had raided Michael J. Fox’s costume gallery.

In fact, lets kick it up a notch: Next time Weez rocks the scooter and Mags, I want to see Squatch and The Machine driving alongside in a retro DeLorean.

Or he should call up the guy out in McCovey Cove who was riding around in the tricked-out time travel-resembling boat.

Do you guys see a trend going on here? Perhaps “Back to the Future” is the new “Don’t Stop Believing.” Which would be pretty appropriate, given that the movie soundtrack’s key tunes are performed by Huey Lewis & The News. And nobody rocks the AT&T Park crowd like Huey Lewis & The News.

Think about it: Brian Wilson’s nutty fashion could influence a seventh inning stretch performance of “The Power Of Love.”

One thing is clear: It’s nice to see that missing the regular season due to Tommy John surgery hasn’t broken B-Weez’s spirit. Or fashion sense.

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