Crab season steams into port

The real “San Francisco treat” isn’t some crappy rice pilaf you pour out of a box.

It’s Dungeness crab. Fresh, local, in season, and delicious. And it’s coming to a dock near you.

The Marin IJ reports fishermen expect to begin hauling in their catch Thursday from crab traps dropped on Wednesday. This means you could be roasting fresh crab in butter and garlic by the weekend.

Dungeness won’t come cheap this year, though. Crabbers are expected to earn $3 per pound this year, up from last year’s $2.25.

Retailers have yet to settle on a price to the public, though a fishermen’s industry group rep told the IJ to expect prices between $6 and $7.50 per pound.

Opinions are split on the quantity of this year’s take, with some observers calling for another banner year, while others cautioned of a cyclical dip in crab population.

Want first dibs at quenching that crab fix? The IJ reports that Loch Lomond Live Bait in San Rafael is expecting a delivery of crabs Thursday afternoon. When asked about price, Loch Lomond owner Keith Fraser told the IJ:

“Do you want to place an order?”