Poor enrollment is latest pox on City College


Last time we checked up on City College of San Francisco, they were being handed a heavy verdict from the Accrediting Commission and pondering closing a couple of its downtown campuses.

The downward spiral continues for CCSF, as the threat of not meeting their enrollment quota adds to the ailing establishment’s finances.

The Examiner reports that CCSF must enroll a minimum 34,000 full-time students to maintain funding. As of late, they aren’t on track to meet that goal, falling a few thousand students short.

This is the second time in two years that CCSF has fallen so far behind, the Examiner says.

The dip in enrollment would cause the state to trim it’s funding to the institution, although it isn’t clear yet exactly how much CCSF could lose. Interim Chancellor Thelma Scott-Skillman told the Ex:

“When your base drops you lose revenue and have to cut back on course offerings. That’s where you talk about the potential of layoffs.”

Scott-Skillman also told the Examiner that the bad report CCSF received from the Accrediting Commission last July has had an impact on the number of students who have enrolled for the semester:

“If I were a student, I would be questioning if this is a real school and will the doors be open beyond June 30.”


CCSF still has until March 15 to comply with the reforms handed down by the Accrediting Commission in order to stay open.

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