Cop posts video of ‘drunken’ joyride on Facebook


Don’t people know by now? Steer completely clear of Facebook when there is alcohol and illegal activity involved.

Like when, I don’t know, someone posts a video of a drunken trip in a Lamborghini at some unnecessary speed through the Broadway Tunnel?

No joke. I was quite surprised myself when I saw the video on SFist.

So imagine my shock when I read the poster was an officer of the law.

CBS-SF reports that SFPD sergeant Carl T — yes, that’s his legal name now, just Carl T — posted a video on his Facebook page of a driver, supposedly T and friends, going 100 miles per hour through the 35 mile per hour street in broad daylight.

Not an easy or wise task, especially since the Broadway Tunnel is heavily used, with backed up traffic and pedestrian crossings usually greeting drivers as they exit.

The Artist Formerly Known as Carl Tennenbaum wasn’t too discreet with the video either. Though it was removed Wednesday, the video had been posted for public viewing, and had 10 individuals tagged in it.

Not exactly behavior you would expect from a 28-year police veteran right?

Oh, but then there’s T’s comment below the post claiming:

“Plus we were all drunk.”

And there were other comments below the post that have been linked to other members of the SFPD.

Quite the mess we have here, isn’t it?

No word yet if there will be ramifications for the video or its content.

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