Crissy Field unleashes dog concerns


Off-leash dogs are getting some visitors riled up after causing some trouble at Crissy Field.

Dogs and owners are being blamed for the destruction of wildlife in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Off-leash canines have some people upset following an incident on April 18 where two goslings were killed by two free roaming dogs.

The incident comes as a warning to all dog owners to keep their canines under control and on the leash if they can’t. Nine incidents have already occurred in the past year where dogs have attacked visitors or park employees in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Crissy Field is part of of the Golden Gate National Parks, which advocates for conservation. The incident also follows on heels of  the new dog management plan that pushes for stricter regulations on dogs, limiting which areas they can roam free. However, there has been a huge backlash against the proposed policies.

Crissy Field has become a top destination for off-leash dogs. They can roam free with the wind in their fur and grass at their paws, but owners should consider themselves warned. The superintendent, Frank Dean, of the GGNRA said in a statement:

“Visitors with dogs are responsible for preventing their dogs from damaging park resources or attacking wildlife or people. We will use existing federal regulations to prosecute owners who create the kind of problems that have occurred throughout the park.”

So remember to keep your dogs on their leash as owners can be cited and arrested for any damage caused by their pets on National Park Service property.

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