Lake Street sink­hole big enough to swallow a car

Motorists approaching Lake Street and 2nd Avenue Monday around 5 p.m. noticed something was missing — namely the road in front of them.

Of all the traffic hazards in San Francisco — overstuffed buses, darting bicycles, inattentive drivers — a 20-foot sinkhole in the middle of the street may be the most unexpected.

Nobody was injured and no vehicles were trapped when the ground underneath the intersection gave way, opening a trough tall enough to stand up in and wide enough to gobble up a good-sized car.

The intersection remained closed into Tuesday morning as crews assessed exactly what happened and how to repair the enormous gash in the roadway.

A neighbor told Richmond Blog SF  the pavement that gave way appeared had been recently patched, while KTVU-TV reported a sewer line had failed and washed out the soil supporting the pavement.