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Dolphins ‘remember friends’ whistles’ for decades

Bottlenose dolphins can remember whistles for more than 20 years, the longest social memory ever observed in an animal.

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  1. If nuclear power can run submarines and aircraft carriers and not refuel for 25 years, it seems to me that the smaller size nuclear engines could be used for electricity in small cities and suburbs

  2. Outages will remain a major concern for the entire state of California until the citizens of that state prevail upon the bureaucracy to construct a number of new powerplants sufficient to meet their current and future needs.

    California has been too dependent on energy generated in other states for far too long.

    Refusing to consider the benefits of nuclear power (e.g., most efficient use of resources, no atmospheric polution, low waste impact [very little if we adopt European waste reprocessing technology], etc.) in those parts of the state that are seismically stable enough to support energy production remains one of the most short-sighted decisions made in California.

    Wake up and accept that your state needs to become energy independent of the other states if it wishes to be more prosperous and independent.

    Good Luck!

    • If submarines and aircraft carriers can run on nuclear power and not be refueled for 25 years, it seems to me that this sort of power could be used in small cities and suburbs