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Defenseless parklet defaced by taggers

Oh, parklets. How could such an adorable word and concept cause such a rift?

While the charming little parks can be a tad irritating when one is, well, searching in vain for an actual parking spot, we’re still scratching our heads over why someone would go so far as to vandalize one.

It’s not like the parklets are going anywhere. The twee ‘let in question was the Clement Street newbie, and it lasted unscathed for a mere three days before getting slapped with graffiti.

Though the Richmond District is close to both the Presidio and Golden Gate Park, the foggy avenues are arguably a bit lacking in greenery, so the community was jazzed to welcome its first parklet to Clement and Third Avenue.

Due to the public embrace of the parklet, District Supervisor Eric Mar was perplexed as to why anybody would do such a thing, especially when the neighborhood has demonstrated enthusiasm by having applications for three more parklets in the queue.

Perhaps more disappointed than anyone over the vandalism is the parklet’s parents and creators, Jon Anzalone and Joe Ferriso. The duo make up Anzer Farms, an SF-based workspace and showroom specializing in reclaimed wood and sustainably-produced art.

The parklet has the classic attributes San Franciscans love – recycled wood, succulents and inviting benches — creating both a lovely art piece and communal space.

Evidently, however, it incited a reaction in some member(s?) of the neighborhood to the point where they felt compelled to deface the poor thing.

Calling the tagging, “senseless and sloppy,” Ferriso lamented the unskilled and pointless graffiti adorning the parklet, which he and Anzalone just finished last week. Then they quickly got to work cleaning up their creation with wire brushes.

For now, let’s hope that people can use paint to create art, not destroy someone else’s, and that, simultaneously, parking spots will magically appear.

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