Draymond Green is fit for battle


OAKLAND — A toned Draymond Green showed nothing but confidence Tuesday after an offseason workout at Warriors headquarters Tuesday.

After reaching the playoffs for just the second time in 19 years, Green said the team is driven to build on what most  — but not Green — would call a successful season:

“What success? We’ve got bigger dreams and goals than just getting to the second round of the playoffs. It’s a start, with where the franchise has come from. … now it’s on us to come out here and take advantage of it.”

General Manager Bob Myers spoke with Green at the end of the season about conditioning and what steps Green could take to tone his body.

By the NBA Summer League in July, Green showed he had taken Myers’ advice seriously. Green arrived in Las Vegas nearly 15 pounds lighter, having clearly gained muscle as well.

Myers also talked to Green about improving his jump shot and having the second-year man take on more of a leadership role.

No longer a rookie, Green said he now knows what to expect in the league and is looking forward to becoming more of a leader:

“I’m definitely looking forward to just really being that voice. Not going to be the only voice, but being the voice so that if something needs to be said, you know, say it.”

With several Warriors sporting new leaner looks — including All-Star forward David Lee and center Andrew Bogut — Green says the plan is to be even more of a running team than in the past.

Green feels like the Warriors have the firepower and versatility to adapt to any situation:

“One thing about the way this team is structured is that if you want to go all defensive as a shut down team you can go with that, if you wanna go all super-athletic quick team you can go that, if you wanna go big team you can, if you want to go with a crazy shooting team you can go that.”

Green said that he hasn’t worried too much about what other teams are doing or what other players are doing to gain an leg up on the competition:

“Your biggest competition is yourself, if you can compete and beat yourself it makes it a lot easier to beat someone else.  Trying to better yourself as a player and doing whatever you can do to give yourself that extra edge that’s eventually going to give the team an extra edge.”

With less than two weeks before training camp starts and less than two months before the Warriors season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on Oct. 30, one thing is at the forefront of Green’s mind: winning.

Green said based on what he has seen, he’s got a good feeling:

“I think it’s gonna be a great year.  That’s a gut feeling, but that’s also watching us everyday putting the work in … you see all the different things these guys can do, and it looks like we’ve got a good year ahead.”

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