Chiefs’ record doesn’t impress Terrelle Pryor


While preparing to face what has been the best defense in the NFL, Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor is not intimidated.

In fact, despite the Kansas City Chiefs 5-0 record, Pryor doesn’t believe they are the better team. He said:

“The message that I’m relaying to our offense is that they play sound ball, so we need to play sound ball. (Their record) doesn’t mean that they’re better than us, because you never win a game on paper. You never win by looking at a record, It’s all about who goes out there and is the most physical team.”

Regardless of the optimism from Pryor, what makes the offensive task even harder is the environment.

The team will travel to Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, believed to be the second loudest NFL venue after Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, and face a defense that has sacked opposing quarterbacks 21 times to date. Even more daunting is the seven interceptions and four touchdowns that the Chiefs defense and special teams units have scored.

Head coach Dennis Allen echoed these things, adding:

“This is a well-coached football team, and it’s a divisional game. This is a huge game for us and I think we’re attacking it as such.”

Oakland just won its first divisional game of the young season, beating the San Diego Chargers 27-17. A loss at Kansas City could put them deeper into the AFC’s non-factor column, while a win would surely bring more national attention to the team, something that Pryor has been doing a very good job at.

Earlier in the week, former Indianapolis Colts Executive, called Pryor “the most improved player this year.”

Perhaps some of the credit goes to former major league pitching coach Tom House, who Pryor has been working with since the offseason. House had previously worked with currently unemployed quarterback Tim Tebow, but according to Pryor, Tebow didn’t take the lessons onto the turf. Pryor says he won’t make that mistake:

“(House) said he was ready to go, Tebow was throwing the ball great and wasn’t missing anything. Then Tebow went to camp and he reverted back to himself. Because the bullets were flying.”

Pryor emphasized not wanting to return to bad habits like leaving his elbow down and not opening up his upper body. He added:

“That’s main the thing. How hard are you working at your craft to make sure in your mind that it stays there? That was my key, the only thing I was worried about. When people are rushing me, I didn’t want to go back to the old thing … I am very proud of that. I am very locked in.”

The divisional showdown starts at 10 a.m. Sunday, and will be televised on CBS.

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