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New Metro trains one stop closer to reality

Muni riders can rest assured — new light rail vehicles are on track for 2017.

Raiders stall in opener against Jets

The New York Jets outgained Oakland by nearly 250 yards en route to a 19-14 opening weekend win.

Mountain lion attacks child near winery

Authorities are searching for a mountain lion in Cupertino that sent a 6-year-old boy to the hospital this afternoon,...

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  1. This story neglects to mention that the incompetent and overpaid staff of SFMTA Engineered the gnarly traffic gridlock back in 2012. See SFMTA Implements Speed Limit Reductions in SoMa, Release date: June 7, 2012, http://archives.sfmta.com/cms/apress/SFMTAImplementsSpeedLimitReductionsinSoMa.htm and

    The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which oversees all transportation in the city, today announced the completion of speed limit reductions to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in the SoMa neighborhood. Like most downtown streets the speed limits on segments of Howard, Folsom, Harrison and Bryant streets are now 25mph.

    Howard Street from The Embarcadero to South Van Ness Avenue
    Folsom Street from The Embarcadero to 13th Street
    Harrison Street from The Embarcadero to 13th Street
    Bryant Street from The Embarcadero to 11th Street

    see also http://sf.streetsblog.org/2012/06/08/sfmta-sets-25-mph-limits-on-four-soma-streets-time-for-speed-cams/

    The incompetent and overpaid staff of SFMTA come back two years later trying to blame motorists for the traffic congestion that they created. Nice job! Yet another reason to VOTE NO on PROPS A and B in November. No more money for the incompetent and overpaid SFMTA without accountability.

    • This is a ridiculous argument – the congestion is caused by more cars trying to get on the bridge at rush hour than can fit. If you’re stopped waiting in line to get on the bridge, it really doesn’t matter whether the speed limit is 25, 35, or 55… you’re stopped anyway.

      Raising SOMA speed limits would just make it more dangerous for pedestrians outside rush hour – no one needs to be racing around like they’re already on the freeway.

    • agreed – and I’m sure if this was about increased enforcement on bicyclists you’d be all for it! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander in my opinion. the law is the law