Winless Raiders embarrassed at Wembley


The Oakland Raiders were embarrassed Sunday by the weakest team they’ll face this season. And it all happened as part of the NFL’s international showcase.

The Miami Dolphins pummeled the Raiders 38-14 in what might be the most jaw-droppingly, callously awful and downright demeaning game in Oakland’s more than 50 years as a professional football team.

It wasn’t even the score that makes it bad. In fact, the Raiders have taken worse losses since their last win — which came in November of 2013. But in front of an international audience, with jobs potentially on the line and playing in the world’s most famous venue in front of a sold-out crowd, they were trampled on in every facet of football.

The defensive backs couldn’t tackle. Miami running back, Lamar Miller, ran over the Raiders front like a Mack truck down Interstate 5. Oh, and the Raiders young, full-of-promise quarterback Derek Carr sustained a knee injury of undetermined severity.

It’s pretty tough to imagine ways that things could have been any worse.

Carr appeared to fight with the coaches to stay in, but was pulled with what the team is calling an ankle and knee injury. Matt McGloin replaced Carr, though he  couldn’t come close to making the game entertaining, or any easier to watch.

The rushing attack was closer to a rabbit feeding, with only 53 yards gained on 18 tries. Somehow, the Raiders finished with 264 yards through the air, though only 28-of-44 pass attempts were completed. Not to mention the three Oakland-thrown interceptions.

Miami’s quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, spent the week in a drama filled storm when his coach refused to name him a starter. But none of the off-field distractions made a difference once the game clock started ticking as Tannehill threw for 278 years and two touchdowns in the Miami victory.

The Raiders were eaten whole by the Dolphins, which could lead marine biologists down a historic fact finding path that might never end.

The Good

It’s really difficult to find good in such a horrid game, though many Raiders fans may see their wish of a new head coach soon enough. Dennis Allen has been on the hot seat for some time, though that seat could be vacated by Monday.

The bad

So much. There’s not many coaches available to replace Allen, and even then, it’s hard to imagine a long line of potential suitors even considering the position.

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