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  1. Shelter from what? On the extremely rare days that’s it actually rains in San Francisco, those shelters provide cover for maybe 2 people and only if there’s no wind. The FTA snobs need to stop micro managing this project and let local transit planners do their jobs. San Francisco isn’t Detroit. Bus Shelters are nice, but that’s all they are here because our weather is awesome most of the time.

    This is already the most expensive and most thoroghly studied bus improvement in the history of humanity! Enough of the BS, just build the damn thing!

  2. You don’t appreciate how slow the Van Ness section. Speeding up the street design means you can increase frequency with same amount of drivers. Plus, why would you want Muni to spend more money and raise taxes to pay for extra drivers?

  3. Good news for those who don’t support the Van Ness BRT. Maybe SFMTA will do that right thing and just hire more bus drivers and run more buses on Van Ness instead. They could do that a lot cheaper and a lot faster and serve the folks who are waiting between lines now. While they are at it they could also license some smaller jitneys to run up Van Ness and Mission street and relive themselves of the expense all together while providing for the needs of their riders. Bring back the jitneys!

    • So you want to make it more expensive to run Muni by hiring more drivers, even more expensive by hiring private shuttle busses on top of that, which just make transit and traffic slower and more congested because of all the extra busses pulling in and out at the corners?

      I don’t see how that helps anyone.

        • You guys are WRONG. If you use the Geary BRT recent EIR, and see that they want to speed up the travel times and that they have certain time goals, you will see that with the new transponder control technology, they arleady are beating the times they were shooting for in 2020 once they blow $300 Million. The TECHNOLOGY has spead up the buses by MORE THAN THEY THOUGHT. But when I asked a Transit Representative about the fact their time trials were from pre signal transponder technology, she said, “They aren’t working as well as we thought”..they are working BETTER than they thought. If you look at the Van Ness EIR I guarantee that their goal travel times are met NOW, because of technology. Sebra has it right. WTF is anyone thinking if they want to blow more money when the signal transponders were game changers. Go to the Geary BRT EIR..it is online..they wanted to get travel times along Geary down and they have done better than they thought with just the transponders.

      • Jamison, they have spead up the Geary lines already, since the new transponders. Go to the Muni site and look at the bus schedules. They are all GPS controlled. All the data is there. But since they want to spend $300,000,000 and increase the annual maintenance costs by another $12.5 million over the no build plan, which is really more expensive, the build out of these lanes or the fact that they already got there with 1% of the cost by putting in the transponders. The guys that invented the GPS transponders GOT IT. They nailed it. Do your own homework. These Bus Transit Lanes are a slap in every taxpayer’s face. Every one of you. So that these pencil pushing govt employees can keep getting paid by taking dollars out of your pockets. Go look at the Geary line travel times. Go online to the EIR for the Geary BRT…look in the table of contents, go to the section that shows their predicted travels times for their big, glorious RIP OFF PROJECT…THEY HAVE ALREADY MATCHED THOSE TIMES IN THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF, AND ARE BEATING THEM HANDILY. IT IS A JOKE WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO NOW!!!! San Francisco politicians are screwing taxpayers, but some of you say you really like it. Amazing.