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Metro trains could double up on platforms

The long-awaited double berthing of trains at some of the Muni Metro station platforms could soon happen.

Raiders Murray cleared to play against 49ers

ALAMEDA — The Oakland Raiders have who appears to be their missing weapon back.

Cop allegedly struck by car, opens fire

San Leandro police are searching for a suspect who allegedly struck an officer with a vehicle this morning, prompting...

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  1. Pedestrians and non-drivers complain that the lights are poorly timed from everyone. There are steps that can be taken to relive traffic congestion which are not mentioned in this article.

    Fire the person who is managing the traffic signals and replace them with someone who knows how to move traffic.

    Quit working on multiple roads at one time. finish one road project before you start another.

    Quit eliminating street parking if you really want to relive the congestion.

    See this radio program for an excellent explanation on what the SFMTA is doing with your tax dollars to create congestion and how their lobbyists operate in Sacramento. http://www.scpr.org/programs/airtalk/2014/12/04/40615/proposed-ceqa-changes-could-push-development-to-di/

    Let the state representatives know how you feel about their plans to snarl traffic.

    Then vote against any bond measures that do not spell out the EXACT plans to enhance Muni.

  2. Mayor Lee gleefully supports hefty fines for city residents who don’t follow the traffic laws. Our own Mayor Lee is the poster child for bad behavior. Double parking and blocking the box. behold our own Mayor Lee
    doing both: http://blog.sfgate.com/stew/2014/07/01/more-mayoral-motorist-misbehavior-ed-lee-edition/

    Other cites do not have this problem because they time the lights so traffic has enough time to clear the intersection before the light changes. The The management center is another money grab to prey on city motorists. Fully one third of SFMTA’s $950 Million dollar budget comes from tickets, fines, fees, and parking meters.

    The best way to deal with a predatory MTA is to boycott shopping in San Francisco. Take your holiday
    shopping to Daly City, San Mateo and Burlingame where they welcome cars, and the money that they bring to local businesses.

    When the tax revenue starts to dry up San Francisco will rethink their “hefty fines”. If the MTA comes for our money, then we’ll come for theirs.

    • Thank you sfparkripoff, the voice of reason! We just need to give motorists a little more time and they’ll certainly not block the box. Maybe they just need a little higher speed, more pedestrian crossings blocked off, or just another few seconds to tear through an intersection? Also, I would love to find out how you discovered that “other cities do not have this problem”.

  3. make red light running tickets starting @ $1000 – drivers have NO concern about rolling through red lights regardless of traffic, signals or pedestrians – the hands free law violators tickets if processed would easily fill any states’ tax coffers too …. and a HUGE ps – for the drivers who got their license at Sears … the double lines of a crosswalk are NOT a stop line or parking spot – there is a difference – get out of the crosswalk and I promise not to wander around in traffic …