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  1. Supervisor Wiener contends that double parked cars are the cause of Muni delays and pedestrian accidents? Perhaps someone should tell Supervisor Wiener that since 2009 nearly 4,000 parking spaces have been eliminated by the city. In addition both City Hall and the MTA passed a resolution that 20 percent of all trips
    in San Francisco to be made by bike by 2020.

    To meet this goal traffic lanes continue to be torn out and eliminated to make way for bicycle lanes, impromptu sidewalk cafes, and expanded sidewalks that often no one needs or wants. “The Wiener” then complains when people are forced to double park because the city is shrinking the parking supply? A 2012 investigation by SF Weekly argued that the Muni has systematically neglected upkeep for years and most of their problems are the result of management failures and inefficient processes. In fact 2500 MUNI drivers have filed a class action lawsuit against the agency alleging, “Muni “has a practice of designing its routes in a manner that makes it impossible for Operators to stay on schedule.” http://www.sfweekly.com/sanfrancisco/late-fees-muni-drivers-class-action-suit-may-cost-the-agency-millions-of-tardy-dollars/Content?oid=2948881

    So why is Supervisor Scott Wiener harassing city motorists and blaming them for City Halls failure to improve the agency. Maybe its time to reject arrogant power hungry politicians who are making it more difficult and expensive for residents to own cars in the city? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyQAy8PzgZ8

  2. You want guidance? No amount of enforcement is going to change reality. People only follow rules that help them and make sense. When you set up rules to create chaos you get chaos. There is no way you can feed people and deliver internet orders without delivery trucks. They have to park close to their destinations. If the only parking option is a bike lane they are going to use that option. Enforcement officers are stuck in traffic too. They can’t be too obsessed with handing out tickets when they can’t move.

    • Yes and that’s why I fully support double parking too. It’s not like you could get rid of all parking and only allow loading and unloading. What would people do? Pay for a private space to store their cars? Use Car Share? Pah-lease!

  3. Come on @sfparkfipoff we need your guidance on this one! Tell us this is nothing but tax revenue and it’s not to actually make the streets run smoother! Tell us about how MUNI has the worst on-time performance but somehow double parking doesn’t contribute to that! We need to know the unbiased truth that only you can share!