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Man arrested in shooting of Oakland mother

A 19-year-old man has been arrested and charged with the fatal shooting Monday afternoon of a mother in West...

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After nearly six weeks of strikes, workers at the Tesoro refinery in Martinez may soon be returning to work.

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    • One- people are scared that our bikes will tumble backwards onto them if we accidentally let go, and cause injury.

      Two- its hard to pass someone on the left if they are blocking the whole escalator with their bike and body in a side by side orientation riding up the escalator. People with a clue stand to the right and walk up the left side of escalators.

      The bike stair channels are great in my opinion.

        • Really? Not in my opinion.

          One- I personally am not scared of someone dropping their bike on me, but I have heard people on escalators complain about how it seems dangerous to them. Carrying a bike up stairs requires a lot more focus than riding up an escalator while holding only the brake lever of the bike. I think it would be far easier for someone lazily riding the escalator while looking at their phone to allow their bike to tumble backwards than someone actively carrying the bike on their shoulder. Just my opinion.

          Two- no one just stands on stairs with a bike. People with bikes are actively walking up stairs at about the same pace as everyone else. On escalators their is a fast lane (to the left people are walking), and a slow lane (to the right people are standing). Riding the escalator with a bike would block both lanes.

          I’m not going to argue about this anymore. Thanks Bruce.

        • “Seems” is the operative word here. There’s no real data that it’s a problem having bikes on escalators. The one survey BART ever did found that luggage was more dangerous than bikes.

          Most transit systems in the country and the world don’t ban bike on escalators and they’re not really a problem. Just having the policy predisposes people to thinking there’s a safety issue, but no data actually supports that belief.