‘Fortune teller’ spirits away woman’s cash


A woman lost $200 and her wedding ring to someone posing as a fortune teller, San Rafael police said today.

Investigators on Tuesday spoke with the victim, who came home from work recently and found a “Fortune Telling” business card on the door of her apartment in the Canal neighborhood, police said. The woman called the phone number and made an appointment for a reading the following day.

The fortune teller, who said her name was Patricia, showed up and read her fortune using cards, police said. Patricia told the victim she had to give up her wedding ring, $200 and a picture of herself to avoid an upcoming spell of bad luck, according to police. The fortune teller told the victim she would return the next day with the items but never showed up, police said.

Patricia is a Hispanic woman in her mid 30s, about 5 feet 7 inches and 180 pounds with black hair worn in a bun and brown eyes, police said. Elderly people and recent immigrants are often targeted for such scams that exploit victims using manipulation and trust to steal valuable and sentimental items, according to police.

Victims of the scams are urged to contact their local law enforcement agency, police said. Anyone with information about the fortune telling case can contact San Rafael police at (415) 485-3000.

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