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Officer assaulted during traffic stop

A San Leandro police officer was assaulted during a traffic stop.

Sharks smother Avalanche in blowout win

After chilling off a few degrees against the Los Angeles Kings on Sunday, it turns out they’re as hot...

Disabled BART train delays commuters

A train that was briefly disabled near BART's Embarcadero station this morning caused major delays on the system.

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    • Bring it back an the SFMTA will burn through that money too. I have have a better idea. The SFMTA has almost 30,000 employees who get reduced parking parking rates at city garages. End the subsidy so that MTA employees pay the sames as city residents.

      Heres another idea. Residents Oppose Bus Rapid Transit Plans. http://www.stopmunibrt.org/ The SFMTA forces these terrible projects on to residents and businesses and then complains when they don’t have enough money to finish them.

  1. San Francisco loves to invent new ways to steal even more of our money. The inefficiency of MUNI and the ridiculous salaries (at SFMTA) are being subsidized by these meter fees and parking tickets. The average yearly salary of a MUNI bus driver is well over $100,000, and there are over 150 office workers at SFMTA making well over $100,000 per year.http://publicpay.ca.gov/Reports/Department.aspx?entityid=410&fiscalyear=2014&departmentid=6925

    Hourly parking meter rates have quadrupled since 1992. The meter rates in SF are the second highest in the land, and the fees and penalties for parking citations are the highest in the country. Also, the revenue of the parking meters and the revenue from traffic citation are not only paying for themselves, but are also subsidizing
    MUNI. To add insult to injury SFMTA/ MUNI employees only pay $90 for monthly parking / compared to $305-$360 for ordinary citizens

    See excerpt from collective bargaining agreement:


    The SFMTA agrees to participate, on behalf of service critical employees at the, in Union/ City discussions regarding parking facilities. For the duration of this Agreement, the monthly rate for basic employee parking at any SFMTA operated and controlled parking facilities, will not exceed rates in effect as of June 1, 2004 or the
    price of a MUNI Fast Pass, plus $10, whichever is higher.”