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President Obama touches down at Moffett Field

President Barack Obama arrived Wednesday evening in the Bay Area, where he will attend Democratic fundraiser events.

SF steps up efforts to remove used syringes

San Francisco city officials say they are stepping up efforts to get discarded syringes off city streets.

Ryan Chamberlain set to change plea

A San Francisco political consultant who is accused of possessing biological and chemical toxins for use as weapons is...

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  1. I hate MUNI. As a resident who recently moved from the east coast to SF, I now claim the right to fuck up the city as much as possible in my own petty little favor. I want to see all MUNI tracks torn up and more car lanes installed. I also don’t want poor kids around me, as they will make the value of my 1.2 million dollar condominium drop to 1.1 million dollars.

  2. Oh I wish I was still on the Dogpatch NextDoor. “How can they put a turnaround where there’s a pre-school??!?!?” Question is really: “Why didn’t they know back in 1999 that a building would spring up in 10ish years on that open lot and then someone would ignore the planning and put a pre-school where a turnaround will eventually be?”