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SFMTA settles lawsuit over fatal Muni crash

The SFMTA has agreed to a $3.25 million settlement involving a Muni bus colliding with and killing a bicyclist.

Balboa Park BART faces weekend closures

San Francisco's Balboa Park BART station and the tracks between Glen Park and Daly City will be closed for...

Hundreds hired at Oakland career summit

About 300 young people found jobs Thursday in Oakland at the first nationwide stop for My Brother's Keeper Alliance:...

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  1. Taraval joins a long line of dissatisfied customers that will be voting
    for a change in management at the SFMTA in November by decentralizing
    the power structure that the voters put into place a number of years
    ago. Stay tuned for the details as they unfold on the SFMTA Charter
    Amendment. For now, updates are here: stopsfmta.com

  2. Unfortunately this article again highlights the concerns but does not represent the riders who want a safer, more efficient ride. SFMTA has been on point in creating a well thought proposal for bringing the L-Taraval into a modern era; one which has priority over motor vehicle delays, provide a safe environment for riders, and creates a optimized ride experience because stopping every block does not get anyone where they want to go.

    BUT instead of working with the planners and engineers, these individuals have called to keep the status quo. As with many riders on this line will note, stop spacing is far too close, and far too often trains get delayed at non-prioritized intersections like Sunset Blvd and 19th Ave. The only “traffic” is caused by double parked cars that would be better served with time-limited parking, and loading zones can alleviate concerns with deliveries.

    There are some quite simple solutions to the concerns presented, and I hope MUNI stays the course and pushes to improve the corridor rather than leaving riders to suffer a watered down project. The individuals quoted may have legitimate concerns, but with the information and solutions presented, should not ruin this project for the neighbors and transit riders. [And yes, my stop is being removed, but an extra 250 ft is NOT a unreasonable burden)