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  1. Monday thru Friday private Tech buses double park, share stops with MUNI, and park in the streets with City Halls (pardon the pun) “blessing”. So, If the City Hall and the SFMTA can make “special allowances” for healthy young able bodied tech workers why cant they extend the same “special allowance” for elderly and disabled congregants to attend church one day a week?

    Many elderly and disabled congregants have mobility disabilities and rely heavily on private vehicles. In fact, elderly and disabled drive to church more than any other demographic in the city. The city prioritizes transit walking and bicycling over driving in a city where most elderly people depend on cars to attend church.

    The San Francisco Interfaith Council conducted a “Transit Technology Survey in 2014. Disseminated by the
    SFIC to its 3,200 e-subscribers from February 5-26, 2014, congregation leaders were asked to make hard copies and administer the survey at the fellowship hour of their primary worship service to ensure that all in
    attendance could participate.

    Of the 558 who responded to the “age range” demographic question, 2.5% fell into the 18-24 age range; 12.5%
    in the 25-33 age range; 16% in the 34-44 age range; 20% in the 45 -54 age range, 25% in the 55 -65 age range; and 24% in the 66 or older age range. Twenty-three congregations in all but one supervisorial district
    participated. 601 congregants from eleven faith traditions responded. 67% of respondents travel to worship by automobile; 19% by public transit; 2% by bicycle and 12% walk.

    This pilot program is finally a step in the right direction for the SFMTA.

    • For the record, this person is going around every news article posting this exact same thing. It is clear they have an axe to grind here, and should be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes posting as “John Smith”… Sure.