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Arson suspect dies inside torched liquor store

A man died after setting fire to a liquor store in East Oakland on Tuesday night, police said.

Jose Canseco car burglary suspects arrested

Former Oakland A's baseball player Jose Canseco had his car burglarized early Wednesday morning at a Pittsburg Hampton Inn.

Squirrel blamed for Menlo Park power outage

Menlo Park Fire Protection District officials said a squirrel is allegedly responsible for a power outage that affected 1,700...

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  1. Gee David. You saved two minutes out of your day. Do you live in the Mission? Do you know with the removal of stops, it takes that much longer time to get to the next bus stop? Did you do the math? But you don’t care because you don’t live in the Mission? Two minutes. Lost jobs. Lost businesses. For two minutes? Yeah, the 14 R rocks now! Note: Two minutes is not going to make someone who did not take the 14 R before, take it now. Use your brain.

  2. This doesn’t sound right. There is no disagreement between merchants and
    residents. The compromise was between the Mission merchants and
    residents and the SFMTA Board. The Mission community, with minor
    exceptions, hates the red lanes. Only the developers and architects (like David Baker) who are salivating over the closing business properties, appreciate the red lanes that are driving out the merchants. The residents are well aware that they are next in line to be pushed out.

  3. The 14, 49, and especially 14 R are now much more reliable and have become faster, too. Thank you to the SFMTA for finally improving public transit in the Mission. For Muni riders, for pedestrians and cyclists, there’s no wall.

    • You’re obviously a shill for SFMTA. SFMTA removed two bus stops in each direction and now reports a 2-minute savings in each direction. Removing bus stops is the way transit officials get faster bus times. Do red lanes help? If buses are speeding along the Mission Street corridor before and after the red lane implementation, there is ZERO effect of red lanes speeding up transit!