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49ers defense thrashed again in loss to Saints

Bye weeks are supposed to make teams refreshed and in sync, but the 49ers looked the exact opposite Sunday.

Driver killed street racing on San Tomas Expressway

One man died after the car he was driving crashed into a tree and caught fire this afternoon in...

Raiders fan group flies flag against Vegas move

Oakland Raiders fan groups sent a message Sunday to owner Mark Davis when they flew a banner over the...

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  1. “to also meet the demands of Mayor Ed Lee’s directive”. Demands? DEMANDS? Our mayor has been sitting on his hands until the high-profile murder of a cyclist in the Park forced him to act, and he chose the weakest possible solution instead of protected bicycle lanes. I guess that it’s going to take a lot more deaths before cyclists get any safety measures in other parts of the city. TWO blocks of protected lanes at the far end of Valencia after how many years?

    “The SFMTA and Rec and Park are working on a long-term plan to improve
    the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists inside the park, said Reiskin.” I guess “working” is newspeak for doing nothing. Reiskin is trying to out-BS Paul Rose.

    Jerold Chinn, you need to do more research.

  2. “Reiskin said earlier this week at the SFMTA’s Board of Directors meeting that motorists driving in the western portion of the park are driving above the 25 mile per hour speed limit.” So why don’t we drop the speed limit to 20mph, narrow the roadway with a permanent protected bikeway and put speed cameras in the park? Can’t the SFMTA actually be proactive for once? A few humps (not bumps) aren’t going to slow down the worst offenders.