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A longtime South Bay congressional leader is losing his seat to a newcomer in their second contest against each...

Progressives lose majority on Board of Supervisors

The balance of power on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors shifted toward the center following Tuesday's election.

Donald Trump win sparks East Bay protests

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  1. I did not support the sales tax but not for the usual reasons the crazies shout about on their little computer things. The SFMTA under Ed Lee has been one that constantly capitulates to small loud groups, and does not believe in safety or efficiency. Ed’s desperate bid to fight off these and other measures killed his tax, oddly enough. Shows you how much you can rely on this corrupt administration.

  2. “San Francisco’s current sales tax is at 8.75 percent, but will decrease to 8.5 percent after Dec. 31, 2016.”

    Voters need to look forward to lower taxes in this volatile, unpredictable economy with high rents and evictions looming. They are watching SFMTA roll out one ridiculous future project after another non-stop while they are being squeezed out of the city.

    In spite of all the back-slapping at City Hall the public does not appreciate the constant “improvements” being slapped down on the streets at our expenses, and no amount of PR and advertising dollars will convince us to spend another dime on systems we will never live to see.