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Some San Jose flooding evacuees return home

Some of the 36,000 victims evacuated by the Coyote Creek flood can return to their homes.

Seeking speedier games, baseball tweaks tradition

The league announced its intention to push forward a rule change allowing managers the ability to intentionally walk a...

Yosemite trademark battle drags tradition into federal court

A Yosemite National Park trademark challenge now turns, in part, on two dramatically different estimates of what some famous...

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  1. My experience, missing the 49 Mission Bus to get to my gym to treat my depression, because the Google bus pulled up at the stop I was waiting at and I couldn’t run to the next one 2 blocks away before the 49 passed by ignoring the occupied stop. I do not believe SF is liberal, I believe it is corrupt and trying to hide behind liberalism while corrupting that as well.

    Taking from the poorest to give to the wealthiest, while adding to the 9 billion budget, not liberal at all, not sure what to call that behavior but it is not kind compassionate or fair in any way.

  2. I’ve lived here for 35 years. Change is constant if a city needs to grow. There are already too many cars on the road, including mine. This is the most sensible decision I think I have ever seen the Municipal Transportation Agency’s Board of Directors, ever make.