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Roaming dog shot by police, owner arrested

A San Francisco police officer directing traffic downtown shot and injured a dog that ran at him on Saturday.

Iguodala shuts down notion of racial shots taken at Kerr

Andre Iguodala defused a bomb on Monday. But it was a bomb that he built to begin with.

Suspect arrested in Marina boat arson

A man allegedly lit a boat on fire in San Francisco's Marina District early Monday morning and then tried...

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  1. This whole thing is pussyfooting around raising fares during peak times, which is a tried and true method used the world over to incentivize off-peak trips. I don’t understand why BART won’t just add a $1-2 surcharge on peak time trips (or equivalently, a discount for off-peak trips). They should just do it already!

    • While you’re right, of course, everyone else on the internet would be up in arms about how stupid BART could possibly be to message around a peak-period surcharge instead of an off-peak discount…

      Your “pussyfooting” is someone else’s “strategic communication”

  2. I hope they’ll change the next iteration of the system to ONLY give
    money to people who change their habits. I was already riding off-peak,
    and they put money in my pocket, which was nice but can’t be
    cost-effective for the program.