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Iguodala turns back the clock to get Warriors back on track

Andre Iguodala must have made a deal with Marty McFly and Doc Brown. That’s the only way he could have turned back the clock the way he did Saturday night.

In 30 minutes against the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night, Iguodala scored 15 points, snatched four rebounds, dished out four assists, blocked two shots and picked off a pass for a steal. The numbers don’t lie.

But perhaps the most impressive stat for Iguodala was his plus-minus for the evening. Iguodala finished the game with a plus-19, nearly tripling his season average of a plus-6.4.

The recent surge from Iguodala has seemingly brought him back into his Finals MVP form, or even further back to his days as a Denver Nugget.

And the Warriors have needed it.

In the past month since Kevin Durant was sidelined due to a left knee injury, the Warriors have struggled to not only put points on the scoreboard, but also keep opponents from scoring themselves.

That’s precisely where Iguodala has impacted the game recently.

In the past week, while only averaging 10.5 points in two games played, Iguodala has totaled a plus 19 between those same games.

In addition, during those two games, Iguodala’s defensive presence has helped the Warriors hold opponents to an average of 98 points.

Klay Thompson said:

“Andre’s been phenomenal. He’s done everything out there from locking people up on defense to leading the break. I mean he looks as bouncy as ever. … You know, you kinda forget how great of an athlete he is and he’s been huge for us.”

Other teammates are noticing the impact of Iguodala as well, including starting power forward Draymond Green:

“He’s been amazing. I think everyone has been noticing because he is scoring more, but, you know, he’s always a force for us on the floor and very important in our lineup.”

The re-emergence of Iguodala has not only gotten the Warriors — who just recently experienced a three-game skid — back on track, but also brought veteran savvy to a team that has needed just that.

If Iguodala can stay in this form throughout the regular season and carry the same impact into the playoffs, it is reasonable to believe the Warriors could still be playing come June.

Hopefully Marty and Doc leave him the keys to the DeLorean until then.

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