Lynch: 49ers ‘open for business’


“We’re open for business,” said San Francisco 49ers General Manager John Lynch Monday afternoon.

The statement came following a local pro day where the team hosted 43 local prospects for the upcoming NFL draft.

Lynch revealed that the 49ers are willing to listen suitors interested in obtaining their coveted No. 2 selection. He added that the team will consider any move and leave no stone unturned with nearly two weeks remaining before the draft.

The first-year GM added:

“I’ve always said, ‘you don’t like being 2-14,’ but you like having the second pick because I think it puts you in the driver’s seat. A lot of options at your disposal and we’ll explore everything.”

Options are exactly what the 49ers have at their disposal. In fact, San Francisco’s 10 total selections are fewer only than the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals, who have 11 picks apiece. Having that many picks in the draft opens a lot of doors and will allow for more trade conversations to take place.

Considering that the 49ers still have a very porous roster on their hands — even after the initial flood of players from the first week of free agency — gaining even more draft picks to fill those holes might be something to consider.  

Not to mention, more selections would take some pressure off of the new GM. The slew of selections would allow Lynch to take more roll-of-the-dice picks on high-ceiling players as he would have more that many chances at coming up “7.”

As far as making a move to jettison the No. 2 pick in favor quantity over quality, Lynch chose to play it close to the vest but confirmed that talks have been in the works:

“Some of that has gone on but, you know, I think I’m not going to get into specifics about that but there’s interest.”

Trading back in the draft would be the most realistic choice. But moving up to the No. 1 slot is something that is within the realm of possibility for a franchise that has made the top pick just three times in its history — the last coming in 2005 with the selection of Alex Smith.

Currently, the 49ers nestle behind the Browns — who made the top pick twice since 1999. 

Given their litany of needs, trading down is an option Cleveland could entertain. And making such a move is just that for San Francisco — an option.

Lynch addressed this possibility:

Like I said, we’re going to look at every possible scenario and we’ve done that.”

While thoroughness has been a common theme for the new front office in Santa Clara, it’s not surprising to hear that Lynch and company are looking dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” before the April 27 to 29 draft. Especially considering the vast variety of roster needs.

News of a trade will not likely come out until draft day, but it sounds like the ball is already rolling as Lynch has officially flipped the switch at Levi’s Stadium’s offices, from “Closed” to “Open.”

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