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Travis Kalanick steps down as Uber CEO

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has finally acceded to investor demands and resigned from the ride-hailing company he founded.

Magnitude 3.3 quake shakes Kensington

A 3.3-magnitude earthquake was reported at noon Wednesday in the Kensington area.

Castro ‘hot cop’ ordered to stand trial

A San Francisco police officer known as the "Hot Cop of the Castro" was ordered today by a judge...

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  1. We are requesting a continuance of the hearing at the Planning Commission on July 6 to give the public more time to review this proposed program that many are confused over and object to. How many disruptive private “sharing” enterprises will this city embrace before they figure out these are windows of opportunity for bad consequences. This is how Uber, Lyft, and tech buses started. They were all embraced by SFMTA. Now we have another even riskier, in terms of pubic safety, disruptive company that SFMTA wants to allow special privileges to? Write the letter and call the supervisors and tell them to Continue the hearing at Planning. https://discoveryink.wordpress.com/scoot-program/