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Cable car bell ringing champ wins one for mom

Six-time cable car bell-ringer champion Byron Cobb regained his title at the 54th Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest Thursday.

Damian Jones enjoying his time in the Las Vegas sun

Warriors center Damian Jones never stops smiling, in the locker room, on the court, on the bench.

Muni to shut subway early for testing of new trains

The subway will close early on weeknights at 9:30 p.m. and all day on the weekend starting July 22.

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  1. Someone needs to do a MUCH better job with copy-editing.

    1. “Chan said BART is working Public Works….” working WITH
    2. “in a new initiative hat will have dedicated outreach team focused the four-shared Muni and BART stations.”
    that* will have a* dedicated outreach team focused on* four* shared* …
    3. “19th Street stations” I didn’t know a BART station at 19th magically popped up. Wow! I must’ve been living under a rock. You mean 16th street, yes?
    4. “BART’s underground stations in The City have been closed due to security reasons” you mean the BATHROOMS in the station? Because SF seems unusually quiet about all these stations closed!

    And these are only the ones I have time to post about. This is pathetic.

  2. While ignoring all the typos in this story, the easiest solution would be to alarm the “emergency” exits. Nobody takes the trouble to use the elevators to avoid paying, they just walk through the gate. I see it done at every station nearly every time I ride BART. But it’s much more fun to waste 80 million dollars at Powell. The whole lot of BART directors need to be replaced.

    • They’re all out to score political points with measures like “sanctuary transit system” that don’t change anything (BART police already do not work with federal immigration agents on immigration status issues). It’s just a platform (no pun intended) for them to advance their own political aspirations. Money gets thrown around and wasted. No problem, because a new set of directors will come in promising to save the day and then leave with BART still in a mess!