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Twin Peaks ‘figure 8’ to stay car-free for another two years

Visitors walking, biking or rolling to Twin Peaks to enjoy scenic views will be able to continue to do so without the hassle of cars on one portion of the summit.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors Tuesday approved to continue a pilot program for the next two years that will make the eastern portion of the “figure eight loop” from Twin Peaks Boulevard to Christmas Tree Point Road car-free.

Vehicle access is only allowed on the western portion of the loop, making it a two-way street configuration where vehicles can still access Christmas Tree Point Road.

Directors initially approved the pilot program in 2016, and the pilot expires on May 30, 2018.

Jason Hyde, a transportation planner with the SFMTA, said the transit agency had put up an online survey during the first two years of the pilot and found 58 percent of those surveyed supported making the pilot program permanent. A majority of support to make the pilot program permanent came from those walking and biking to Twin Peaks.

Hyde also said the transit agency observed more drivers driving at safe speeds with the number of cars driving over 30 miles per hour decreasing by 77 percent.

After another two years of evaluating the pilot, SFMTA staff plan to come back to the board to make the changes permanent.

Kristen Leckie, a community organizer with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, that visitors had limited and “dangerous” access to Twin Peaks but can now access the attraction without worrying about cars:

“The pilot has resulted in an open space where locals and neighbors can have a comfortable, car-free experience take in the most iconic views of The City.”

Asumu Takikawa, a resident of the Richmond District, said he would like to see more pedestrians and bicyclists have more access to open spaces in The City:

“It’s not enough just to put protected bike lanes on commute corridors. We also need to build destinations where people can access nature and open space without having to own a car.”

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