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After just months on the job, Lafayette mayor stepping down

Lafayette Mayor Cam Burks announced Monday night he will be stepping down as mayor.

Daly City house fire displaces six residents

A fire at a home in Daly City displaced six people and a pet Tuesday night.

Man arrested after firing gun in home with toddlers inside

A 33-year-old man was arrested Monday after allegedly firing his gun in a home in unincorporated Menlo Park where...

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  1. I am someone who is in favor of having a sufficient number of transverse seats in all new Muni rail cars. First of all, there are many people who NEED to sit in transverse seats due to having physical instabilities – people with disabling physical conditions and some seniors. Second, at least a quarter of the public prefers to sit in transverse seats which offer better back support, according to an informal survey I did of 400 Muni riders.

    The current Breda cars have 20-24 transverse seats in each car half, such that someone who is not disabled can usually give up a seat to someone needing one. If the new trains have only single transverse row options, disabled people and seniors might already be sitting in them, resulting in many other disabled people and seniors not being able to ride, as well as the healthy public not getting to ride in their preferred back-supportive seat. Shutting people out from being able to ride and from their preferred seat is going to make for a public disaster. I think we NEED double transverse seats in ALL new cars so everyone will have a chance to ride.

  2. It is unfortunate that SFMTA is considering adding transverse seating despite most Muni riders having no problem with the current longitudinal seat alignment. What’s even more APPALLING is that under this current replacement proposals is that most of the new LRV4 replacement fleets will have the double transverse seating alignment in it. Putting in transverse seating is wrong for these new LRV4s, putting in transverse seating with a double pairs is just even more wrong on steroids that will further undermine the benefits of the improved space and comfort of the new LRV4s has provided.

  3. SFMTA is trying to make too many changes at the same time. Lower the seats, but keep them bench style. YES, people need time to get used to it but with their feet on the ground it’ll be less sliding. While dented seats can be more comfortable they are also less flexible in terms of space, and the current pole placement should be revised to better utilize bench seating. The idea of adding transverse seating to replace benches is also counterproductive. You effectively further reduce seating capacity, hamper passenger movements in trains and reduce the safety benefit of having people facing each other. Further, the people wanting these seats are likely not going to be able to get the seat they want many times because there are so few anyway. And lastly, the bus style seating, while comfortable is much more difficult to clean because of the crevices and gaps between seats.

    It’s shortsighted to give up so quickly on the present design. Yes there are some needed modifications, but let people try them first before modifying the entire fleet.